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Let the transformation begin

From the Quantum perspective, we are in the midst of an ongoing, epic struggle between two different belief systems; two diametrically opposed interpretations of the world in which we live. On the one hand lies the long-held view that we live exclusively within a physical world where we use our superior mind to compete for scarce resources. This perspective has led to its logical conclusion of highly centralized power whereby “S/He who owns the gold makes the rules.”

On the other hand, an emerging quantum perspective reveals that we live in a world where we are all connected to one another and to Nature; by loving ourselves and one another we can manifest a more egalitarian interpretation on the Golden Rule whereby “One treats others as they would have others treat themselves.”

It’s time to shed a belief system that no longer serves humanity and our planet. Let’s wake-up and smell the Quantum coffee and embrace a new belief system where are all connected and our duty is to love ourselves and our neighbors. By doing so, mutually beneficial opportunities to “co-operate” naturally emerge, allowing trust to grow strong and enabling skills to specialize. In the end, it turns out that nature values cooperation as least as much as it values competition. Both natural and human history have consistently demonstrated that there is value to be gained when individuals forego some individual freedom in favor of tuning into and synchronizing their behavior in concert with their fellow community members.

So, if we want to help transform the world view from current Physical perspective to the future Quantum perspective, our first approach should be Local, Local, Local! Focus on how ourselves and our neighbors can discover ways to cooperate to serve our own local needs. Form government that serves our local needs to coordinate local resources to address local needs. Vote for representatives that live among us who are myopically focused on addressing local issues. Be highly skeptical of outside money flowing into our community trying to buy local influence. This is how we extract our society from the relentless grip of big business and big government; one community at a time.

As a result of the new quantum perspective, we will naturally return to a more balanced and healthy life; individually, locally and globally.

Let the healing begin.

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