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Winter is coming!

This week as temperatures begin to dip into the 30s, I’ve noticed that a flurry of complaints is settling in long before any potential snow flurries…

“Ugh, I could see my breath as I walked in this morning, I can’t believe it’s already almost winter.”

“I’ve heard it’s going to be a bad one this year, I swear, one of these years I’m going to move somewhere warmer.”

“I hate being cold!”

Somehow I haven’t heard many people extolling the virtues of winter. Nobody is talking about the beauty of snowflakes as they drift beyond the window panes, the coziness of a mug of warm tea, the joy of skiing and snowshoeing.

This is a good time of year to remember that all of these statements we make about winter; positive or negative, are just beliefs that we choose to hold onto. I think it’s important at this point to confess that I am a big time winter dreader. Part of why I am writing this post is because I found myself defaulting to that cycle of trading complaints about the weather and feeling icky. It’s a pretty well-established pattern for me.

The more and more we tell ourselves these stories, the truer they seem to us. Our beliefs become our reality. The more you talk about hating the cold, the bigger and badder your reaction is going to be each time the temperature drops below 30. The good news is, what we choose to believe is up to us! If you are one of those winter naysayers, could you let that go? How much better would your life be if you could find a sense of peace with the colder months? I am certainly going to try this year, will you? Winter is coming, but your negative feelings about it don’t have to.

Questions for Reflection

You may want to write these questions down in a journal, discuss them with a friend, or just think them through on your own

  1. What stories do you tell yourself about winter? Do they serve your overall sense of wellbeing?

  2. What are all the things you love (or at least like) about winter? Keep this list somewhere handy and come back to it if you find yourself falling back into those old beliefs.

  3. Are there other areas of your life that you react against like some people do against winter? For each area that comes to mind reflect on the beliefs that you currently hold and then on beliefs that might be more empowering.

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