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Patterns: Friend or Foe?

Let’s take a moment and talk about the Body. In our vernacular, the Body is more than simply our physical body consisting of our cells, tissues and organs. When we talk about the Body, we include our “body of work." Think of your body of work as the catalog of habits and behaviors that you’ve learned to date. Your body of work encompasses the patterns entrenched in your day-to-day life. Patterns so familiar through repetition that you repeat them mindlessly - without any involvement of your Mind.

Mastering patterns is a gift that enables your body to focus on its superpower of Growth. Because you don't need to start learning at square one each and every day, you have bandwidth available to grow new skills and habits to adapt to the times at hand.

But mindlessly repeating patterns isn't always a positive addition to our repertoire. When our Mind is fatigued or stressed-out, the body is in many ways “addicted” to repeating the patterns it knows best; even if those patterns aren’t nourishing your Spirit. The following video is a great description of how our body’s “muscle memory” can keep us engaged in stories and repeating patterns that are not fulfilling, nourishing or empowering.

Our tendency to stay stuck in unfulfilling patterns is the Body's super vulnerability of momentum. The key to overcoming the this super vulnerability is to examine the beliefs that influence the mindless behaviors rather than focus on the unfulfilling habits themselves. Changing habits without addressing our underlying beliefs is frustrating and often not successful. Learning how to utilize our Mind’s Superpower of Judgement to form new beliefs is the key to permanent change.

Patterns are the result of our beliefs. Mind your beliefs!

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