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Quantum what?!?

If you’ve been engaged with Proactive Growth for awhile or if you continue to stay engaged, you’ll probably hear the word “Quantum”. We're willing to bet that that word conjures up some pretty powerful and potentially scary images for you: high school physics, a stack of thick books, and a blackboard full of equations, a mad scientist...

You might be surprised to know that the Proactive Growth method was developed using the principles of quantum physics. You might be even more surprised when you find out that quantum physics can be quite empowering; it is what allows you to get out of patterns you feel stuck in and to begin to make meaningful change.

Even though we use the “Q word” it doesn’t mean that we’re sending you back to the science lab. We’ve distilled the main concepts from Quantum Physics that you need to know into five key points and we use anecdotes and examples to bring them to life.

To help you warm up to all things quantum, I’d like to share with you an engaging TED talk by Adam Murphy. Adam uses magic tricks to bring the material to life and in less than 10 minutes you’ll learn that you already interact with Quantum physics on a daily basis.

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