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Our 2018 Goal: Wage Peace

Diversity of perspective sparks insight. Keeping an open mind and listening to disparate points of view is just as important as having conviction about a particular point of view. There is a lot to be said about listening and learning. Rationally we know this to be true. Instinctively we appear to completely disregard this logic, however.

There is an undeniable tendency in our world today to hold on to our beliefs as if they were unquestionably accurate and permanent. That’s probably always been true, although today it seems more pronounced than ever with the constant barrage of provocative social media posts and 24x7 so-called news that is nothing more than one-sided propaganda. “That’s just the way it is!” “That’s just the way I am!” “There’s nothing I can do about it!” Such sentiments of permanence are a natural outgrowth from the underlying belief that we exist exclusively within our own Physical Realm, a paradigm in which only the things we can see are real and where change appears slow and difficult to achieve.

Well, I’m here to tell you “That just simply ain’t so!” Like everything that exists within the energetic continuum between the Quantum Realm and the Physical Realm our beliefs are constantly being regenerated, just like the cells in our body. The perception that our beliefs are permanent stems from our “selective awareness” that only seeks out evidence that substantiates our current beliefs. This heightened level of exclusion is easily enabled with the click of the remote or a keystroke to block content that offends you. So, if we believe we exist exclusively within the Physical Realm and it is the Physical Realm we scan for evidence, the evidence we collect will substantiate the notion that our beliefs are permanent and accurate. “That’s just the way it is!”

But, when we open our minds to the fact that we exist within the energetic continuum between the Quantum Realm and the Physical Realm, a world in which there are as many truths as there are observers, we can discover that our beliefs are very, very powerful tools for manifesting new feelings, new behaviors, new habits and new relationships. In the Quantum Realm, new beliefs can be germinated nearly instantaneously, and from the seeds of new beliefs emerges new growth.

Much of what we believe to be true simply isn’t true, is partially true or represents but one of many possible truths. These misperceptions can have a significant negative effect on our wellbeing. The stories in which we live are just that: stories, which can be readily changed by harnessing your Quantum Superpowers. It all begins by allowing yourself to question the assumptions that you currently believe to be true.

Let’s work together; let’s wake-up and smell the quantum coffee and learn how to actively participate in the ongoing manifestation of our life experience. Let’s use our superpowers to wage peace.

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