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The butterfly effect

There's a continuum of energy that is constantly transforming between the Quantum and Physical Realms. This ongoing process works just like the proverbial butterfly effect.

Small changes can have large consequences. Tiny, infinitesimal changes that occur at the beginning of a process can cascade through a series of transitions into a massively transformative outcome.

The term butterfly effect was coined by the science of chaos theory to describe how the flap of a butterfly wing at just the right point and time in a process can cause a powerful tornado half a world away. It may take a long time, but the connection is very real.

In the Quantum Realm, our beliefs are the functional equivalent of the butterfly wings. In the Quantum Realm, what we actually believe affects how we feel. What we feel affects how easy or hard, how possible or impossible we perceive a task before us. How easy and hard we perceive that task then affects what we actually choose to do. What we do transforms into our behaviors. Our behaviors transform into our habits. And our habits affect our physical fitness which, in turn, affects our overall wellbeing.

This is how the process of the energetic life cycle works as energy is constantly being transformed from the Quantum Realm to the Physical Realm. Our beliefs form at the headwaters of the transformation process. At those headwaters, energy is at its highest frequency and meaningful, drastic change can occur further downstream in the process - just like the flap of a butterfly wing. We refer to such experiences and results as Quantum leaps.

How can you can master the use of your Quantum Superpowers of Love and Judgement so you can flap your butterfly wings; rewire your subconscious beliefs, change behavior, express your potential and wage peace within the world we live? Together let's design a belief system that manifests a life experience filled with vitality and fulfillment.

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