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Ready for a quantum leap?

Life isn't all that it appears to be.

We actually live in a continuum between two very different worlds - the physical realm and the quantum realm, if you will. The physical realm is pretty straightforward. It's rooted in matter and stuff we can use our five senses to touch, smell, taste, see and hear. In stark contrast, the quantum realm is rooted in consciousness, comprised of very high frequency, subatomic waves and currents of energy. Our sixth sense of empathy is how we perceive the quantum realm.

The differences between these two realms cannot not be overstated. The two worlds are very different. Each realm has its own unique laws of physics that govern each realm distinctively. One contains the present and past while the other consists of future possibilities; time exists in one realm and doesn't in the other; we can appear stuck in the routine we call our life in one realm and yet manifest quantum leaps with ease in the other.

What appears impossible in one realm is possible in the other - and vice versa. Things that appear difficult or impossible to achieve from the perspective of the physical realm are often quite doable when we learn to harness the amazing superpowers of the quantum realm.

Join us as we embark on a journey to cultivate our sixth sense of empathy to manifest a vital and fulfilling life. Let's tune into the subtleties of the energetic aspect of our being in the quantum realm as we learn to express unconditional love for ourselves, others and for all life. Let us know in the comments below how you view these two uniquely different but simultaneously critical worlds. Are you feeling stuck in the physical realm because that's just the hand you were dealt? We welcome your thoughts and participation.

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