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Our river of love - the Energetic Life Cycle

We talk a lot about the Energetic Life Cycle as the cornerstone of Proactive Growth. The Energetic Life Cycle is the key to understanding how we can transform our potential for healthy growth into the habits and behaviors that actually produce healthy growth.

Our beliefs - what we believe in our heart - have a dramatic effect on the formation of our habits and behaviors and subsequently on our physical wellbeing. False, untruthful, unforgiving beliefs have a dramatic effect on us as individuals and as a society. Demanding, intolerant beliefs shape what we believe to be possible or impossible, just as surely as inspiring, motivating beliefs do the same. Holding on to false beliefs serves to inhibit the healthy growth of ideas and possibilities. Look no further than our current political landscape to see how fabricated beliefs can influence the course of history.

But let’s not go down the political rabbit hole. Let’s stay local and focus on ourselves. As we delve into the Energetic Life Cycle, we see that our fate is most certainly NOT determined merely by the genes we inherited and the hand we were dealt in general. We don’t need to be trapped in behaviors and habits that do not serve our wellbeing. We can change our life trajectory to be all that we want it to be.

We are each the sum of many bits, both seen and unseen. Physical parts we can see, touch and feel; beliefs and emotions that are invisible yet are every bit as real. To some degree, the unseen bits that reside in the quantum space around can be more important and more influential than what we see with the naked eye.

Think of the quantum world as the headwaters for the development of our habits and behaviors. Just as small babbling brooks and streams that originate high in the mountains combine as they flow downstream to create larger and larger rivers, our thoughts and beliefs originate in our energetic headwaters to combine downstream into our habits and behaviors, which in turn effects our overall health and wellbeing.

Let’s take this analogy one step further. Imagine that the waters originating in the brooks and streams contained some sort of contamination that poured into the larger rivers downstream. Now suppose somebody noticed contamination in the river and became determined to rid the river of the impurity. But instead of tracing the pollution to its source, imagine they tried to clean up the river simply by adding a cleansing agent. This approach to decontamination is similar to that of today’s western medical practices; wait until a symptom of “dis-ease” is present and then treat the symptom for the rest of time using some chemical compound.

A far more effective approach would be to investigate the source of the contamination by testing the waters further and further upstream until the actual source was identified. Eliminate the contamination at its source to prevent the ongoing downstream pollution. At least choosing to add the chemical cleansing agent to clean the river would be a one-time fix. The river would return to its natural state of health and wellbeing.

When viewed through the lens of the Energetic Life Cycle, the same analogy applies to our own health and wellbeing. In the subtle subatomic quantum world our thoughts and beliefs are the brooks and streams - the headwaters within which the seeds of our habits and behaviors are forming. So if we noticed a symptom of dis-ease “downstream” in our physical body and merely tried to mask the symptoms by introducing a drug or chemical compound, we are completely ignoring the original source of the dis-ease.

A far more effective and way more cost-effective approach is to scrutinize our upstream thoughts and beliefs to discover which false, untruthful or intolerant beliefs may be inhibiting the wholehearted expression of our potential. Once identified, the offending thoughts and beliefs can be diminished as we plant the seeds of new, empowering beliefs that stoke our Spirit’s flow of energy - seeds of love that flow to our rivers of love.

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