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Process improvement for living

Years of professional experience have taught me that if one wants to understand a process, one needs to step back and see if there isn't a bigger picture to observe. It’s common knowledge in systems engineering that products, services and outcomes do not simply appear out of thin air. Cars do not magically appear off an assembly line; they are a result of an intricate engineering process that began with an idea and results in the design of a series of complex processes that transform the idea into a concept, from the concept to a design, tooling and skills development, manufacturing, assembly and test.

In the engineering world the complete collection of processes required to produce a product is known as the product life cycle. The product life cycle typically occurs in staggered stages; not necessarily in parallel or in tip-to-tail sequence. Results and outcomes from downstream stages force recalibration in upstream stages until the entire product life cycle is tuned sufficiently to systematically produce the desired product. I had a strong intuition that a very similar process was at work in systematically producing the desired outcome of holistic health. That turned out to be the fact and the result is a model of the holistic engineering life cycle that describes the process of how the seedlings of our thoughts and feelings are transformed into our physical bodies - the Energetic Life Cycle.

The energetic life cycle describes a process; the stages through which energy passes as it is transformed - back and forth, from Source to Form and from Form back to Source. Like the product life cycle, the energetic life cycle also transforms concepts into physical reality. Energy is transformed - seven times - as it steps-down from its highest most vibrant frequency to progressively lower frequencies until the relentless repetition of our habits and behaviors ultimately persists into our physical body.

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