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Our biological imperative

Love is real. It is our biological imperative to learn how to weave a cocoon of loving energy around ourselves, our loved ones, our communities and the world at large. We do that by transforming energy – the real current called love – from Source to Form (and back). We have modeled this transformation in the Energetic Life Cycle.

A stem cell remains a wave of infinite possibility until it becomes aware of a single future form it is being called to take-on. So too do our minds contain a wave of infinite visions, ideas and concepts that we sift through until we discover an idea that makes our spirit erupt with unconditional love. This eruption of unconditional love for a particular future state of being is the energetic source of the love of life - joie de vivre. Love is real and our spirit is the fountain from which love erupts. It is the job of our mind to discover visions, ideas and concepts - future possible outcomes that will make our spirit’s energetic cup runneth over. Collectively, the set of visions, ideas and concepts that are being manifested through the energetic life cycle at any given point in time serve as the silk threads used to weave the energetic cocoons of love. And it is our sixth sense of empathy - if sufficiently cultivated - that provides the guidance to synchronize and coordinate these threads of unconditional love into a compassionate and harmonious society focused on the sustainable manifestation of abundance for one and all.

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