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Hope for the future

The only viable long-term strategy for achieving affordable healthcare for all in today’s environment of political insanity and escalating healthcare costs is to devise a way for individuals to proactively engage in their wellness. We need an understandable model – a clear, well defined map - of how our thoughts and feeling entangle in a dance that ultimately affects our own health outcome and the health outcome of our world. The Energetic Life Cycle is that model.

We are each comprised of three lovable characters - body, mind and spirit –who collectively form our being. We know they dance an energetic dance. Somehow the energetic dynamic of the mind and spirit are transformed into the physical body.

There is great value in teaching people how to be active participants in the energetic process and be able to address imbalances before they manifest in the physical plane as symptoms of real disease.

The Energetic Life Cycle sheds light on the sequential stages of how we develop habits and behaviors. But it also sheds light onto the unique and distinct roles played by our Body, Mind and Spirit; the three aspects of being that exist within each and every one of us.

All three aspects of being each have incredibly amazing superpowers as well as inherent limitations. When we understand the unique abilities of the Body, Mind and Spirit, we can learn to leverage our innate superpowers in ways that enable the wholehearted expression of our potential. As we will see, each of these three aspects of being has a critical role to play in each and every stage of the Energetic Life Cycle.

In healthy organisms, these three aspects of being work in balanced harmony with one another. Each leverages its own strengths and the strengths of the others to contribute in the best way possible to the health and wellbeing of the collective whole. While this balanced and harmonious relationship exists throughout the rest of Nature, the entrenched beliefs currently held by modern, western society are that the human Body is a biological “clockwork” that can be “repaired” with surgical or pharmaceutical interventions, and that the human Mind is a the quintessential evolutionary achievement of Nature and is THE defining characteristic that separates Mankind from the rest of Nature. And while there is some degree of truth to these entrenched beliefs (there are some surgeries and pharmaceuticals that resolve symptoms of disease and the human mind is, in many ways, quite unique) the absence of any pragmatic understanding of the role one’s Spirit plays in the day-to-day operations of being human is as misleading to understanding Nature as the presumption that the world is flat or that the earth or sun is the center of the Universe. Bluntly put, often times our entrenched beliefs are simply wrong, quite misleading and detrimental to our health and wellbeing.

The Energetic Life Cycle sets us straight.

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