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Grow Well!


Proactive Growth combines the most up-to-date evidence-based scientific research with the rich teachings and practices of centuries of ancient wisdom traditions to form a balanced program that encompasses your body, mind and spirit.

Proactive Growth coaches you to form a thriving partnership between your loving spirit and talented mind, leveraging the strengths of each to lead your best life – a life inspired by love.

Mind Games


Your mind is always busy doing something.  When your mind isn’t busy cultivating love and passion or promoting the formation of inspiring beliefs, habits and relationships, it’s up to no good. No one needs to tell you the scary things that can result from prolonged stress and negative energy.

Playful Spirit


The real job of your mind is to discover how to inspire your spirit – how to cultivate the seed of inspiration within your spirit. Your spirit is your heart and soul. Your spirit is the source of unconditional love, boundless energy and amazing creativity. You can grow to your full potential by balancing the strengths of your mind/ego with your loving spirit.

Balance is Key


Balance is the fundamental aim.  You consist of a unique spirit that speaks with emotion and a powerful mind that steers with logic. Both aspects of your being are an equally valuable source of energy and inspiration. Both play a critical role in the game of life. 

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