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About Us


We're always growing something. Why not proactively focus our awareness on growing exactly what we want to live a healthy, fulfilling life?


Proactive Growth is a holistic wellness practice that inspires you to cultivate your sense of empathy, tune-in to your energetic Spirit and proactively leverage the superpowers of your Spirit to live your best life.

Meet the Coach


Andy Jeffrey, Wellness Coach, HHP


Andy Jeffrey is a Board Certified Holistic Health Professional (HHP) and wellness life coach. Jeffrey designed the Proactive Growth practice to challenge our fundamental beliefs about ourselves, our purpose for being and our ability to transform ingrained habits and behaviors so that we can discover our true vision, purpose, motivation and direction. To support these goals, Jeffrey has defined a model of behavioral development as the foundation of Proactive Growth that exposes the unique superpowers of our mind, body and spirit to enable wholehearted expression of our true potential.

Jeffrey nurtures the Proactive Growth practice together with his wife and business partner, Dorothy, under the auspices of Proactive Wellness Solutions, LLC.


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